Our passion is helping people to get healthy. It's your turn.

At Nutrition Avenue, we are a team of health and wellness coaches with a passion for making a difference in the communities that we serve. That means that we go above and beyond to help people to get healthy.

Whether your goal is to lose weight by reducing fat, to gain weight by building muscle, to have more energy and just feel better, or just to maintain good nutritional habits – we create wellness plans that will allow you to achieve your goals. Having a personal wellness coach to walk you through the process makes getting healthy fun and simple.

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We've Helped Our Clients Drop Over
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Testimonials from Nutrition Avenue Clients

  • Even when I gave up on myself, the coaches at Nutrition Avenue did not give up on me. Now I am at my goal weight, and I feel AMAZING!

    Holly T.
    Transformation Client
  • When I came in for my free body analysis and wellness evaluation, they never pre-judged or made me feel bad for the shape I was in. Instead, they gave me encouragement and a detailed plan that let me know that I could reach any goal that I set!

    Samantha S.
    Transformation Client
  • The sports nutrition line is amazing! I was able to not only gain healthy weight, but also drop my body fat percentage and improve my performance. The fact that their sports nutrition products are tested for banned substances is also a big plus.

    Bryson J.
    Sports Nutrition Client
  • A lot of things that I didn’t know that were related to my diet all of a sudden ‘disappeared’ once I got healthy. When you give the body the good nutrition it needs, it has the tools to fix itself and amazing things happen!

    Miranda B.
    Transformation Client
  • I have been an athlete and have been working out for all of my life. I have tried every supplement from every know supplement store. However, the H24 Sports Nutrition line is so far above the rest that I have never felt this good. No artificial colors or sweeteners? Tested for banned substances? It doesn’t get any better.

    Thomas T.
    Sports Nutrition Client
  • It is all about making lifestyle changes. I know from experience that dieting doesn’t work. The coaches at Nutrition Avenue focused on helping me to stay accountable and make the changes I needed for long term results. That is the advantage of having a wellness coach.

    Sandra M.
    Transformation Client
  • I started drinking the Herbal Energy Tea during the day and the H24 Prepare before going to the gym – and I have never had a better workout. Following that workout with a H24 Rebuild Strength post-workout recovery drink is the perfect combination.

    Patrick S.
    Sports Nutrition Client