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Health and Wellness Coaches At Nutrition Avenue, we are a team of health and wellness coaches with a passion for making a difference in the communities that we serve. That means that we go above and beyond to help people to get healthy. Whether your goal is to lose weight by reducing fat, to gain weight by building muscle, to have more energy and just feel better, or just to maintain good nutritional habits - we create wellness plans that will allow you to achieve your goals. Having a personal wellness coach to walk you through the process makes getting healthy fun and simple.

Along with our one-on-one coaching and accountability partner programs, we provide wellness profiles, body analysis and metabolism tests for all new clients. We also have interactive group support programs such as Community Weight Loss Challenges,Fit Camps and Fit Challenges, Group Workout Activities, Nutrition Classes, and events in the community that provide education on combating childhood obesity.


For the business community we provide business in-services, lunch and learn services, and help to facilitate small business and corporate wellness programs.

Call or visit Nutrition Avenue at 214-509-8141 so that we can talk to you about a wellness program TODAY!  Our wellness coaches are waiting to help you achieve your goals.


Interested in possibly becoming a Health & Wellness Coach with our team? Get more info and apply here.

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Nutrition Avenue is a proud memeber of the Alliance for a Healthier Allen (AHA)
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* Consumers who use Herbalife® Formula 1 twice per day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around 0.5 to 1 pound per week. Participants in a 12-week single-blind study used Herbalife® Formula 1 twice per day (once as a meal and once as a snack) with a reduced calorie diet and a goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Participants followed either a high-protein diet or a standard protein diet. Participants in both groups lost about 8.5 pounds.
* Body analysis is done with our specialized scale and other tools which will give you your BMI, resting metabolism and ideal body weight.

Nutrition Avenue is a family owned and operated business.
Our team of Wellness Coaches are located across the United States and over 90 Countries.
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