About the Nutrition Avenue Healthy, Active Lifestyle Initiative

At Nutrition Avenue, we’ve been successfully running challenges for over eight years.  We’ve mastered helping you as our client to tap into the elements that will help you to create a healthy, active lifestyle:

Take a look some of the most common healthy, active lifestyle events that we currently offer our clients below.

Online Transformation Challenges

Transformation Challenges and Weight Loss Challenges are two of the main client support initiatives that our clients have grown to love.  Combining all  the elements of a healthy, active lifestyle into an activity where you can actually win prize makes getting healthy fun & interactive. 

We have ongoing challenges taking place, so if this is something that interests you – be sure to contact us via phone, text, or email and let us know so that we can get you started!

The Total Challenge

The Total Challenge is a higher level version of our Transformation Challenges where we really focus on the Mind, Body & Soul connection when it comes to lifestyle changes.  Through our three-phase process our clients learn how to naturally cleanse their bodies through eliminating toxic additives, how to cook with herbs and spices, how to break through plateaus and most importantly how to keep the results long term.

If you are interested in a higher level of accountability and change, take a look at the success stories from some of the Total Challengers at www.thetotalchallenge.com, then contact us so that we can share the details on how you get started.

The Total Fit Camp

Many of our clients either have busy schedules that make it hard for them to regularly go to the gym, or they are looking for additional workouts, guidance and support that they can tap into between gym sessions.  The Online Fit Camps have been the perfect solution!  Inside our private, exclusive support group we post exercises each day that have selected by a personal trainer and fitness expert. 

As a client you can join the The Total Fit Camp online community at any time. The exercises are designed to build on a set goal throughout the month and then reset focus every 30 days.  This keeps the interaction in the group fresh and exciting!

If joining our Online Fit Camp is something that interests you – be sure to contact us via phone, text, or email and let us know so that we can get you started! 

Cardio Drum With Me

Cardio Drumming is a chance to connect with your true rhythm in life when we combine drumming, music, rhythm and movement. Drumsticks, fitness balls, your hands and a bucket are all you need to bring fun back into fitness!

We have the most fun group of instructors and participants in the metroplex.  Drumming is the perfect way to meet new people an enjoy the sense of community that we’ve created! We encourage our drummers to just let go!

In each Cardio Drumming Challenge You Receive:

-A Wellness Evaluation & Metabolism Test
– 4 Weeks of INDIVIDUALIZED Coaching
– Group Support & Accountability
– FOUR (4) Weeks of  fun Cardio Drumming

For the videos, pictures, and information about registering for the upcoming Cardio Drumming Challenges – visit www.cardiodrumwithme.com!